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Clothing is big business for many. Everyone has to wear clothes. Deciding which clothing retailer to buy them from is the tricky part. You must find a clothing retailer that fits your style as well as your pocketbook. With a little bit of time and research, you should have no problem making the fashion statement you want to make.

Perhaps the pickiest consumers are teenagers. They are quick to join the latest trend, and their clothing must match their mood. A huge assortment of teen clothing retailers have popped up in malls across the country. Some of the major players are: Express, The Limited, Hollister, Rave, Rainbow, Forever 21, Deb, American eagle, and Old Navy. Each of these clothing shops has a particular style. You will want to browse through the various clothing retailers in your area to find the one that suits you. Your best bet for trendy attire is Rave or Deb, while the best casual attire can be found at American eagle or Old Navy.

Many of these chains also offer quality women's clothing, so consult your clothing retail clerk to find the women's section. Express, American eagle, and Old Navy all have extensive women's sections. If you are unable to locate a woman's clothing retailer in the mall, consult your local yellow pages for clothing store listings. Shoppers on a budget may be able to find consignment clothing retailers. The items found there are gently used items that individuals bring in for resale. Many times you can get lucky and find items that still have the tags on them.

No matter what your style and tastes you should have no trouble finding an outfit that you like. Ask friends and family members where they shop. They may know of a little boutique type clothing retailer that suits you perfectly. Don't be afraid to ask people where they got their outfits. It is the only way to find the perfect clothing retailer in your area.

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