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Low carb has taken the dieting world by storm. Programs like Atkins, the Zone, Sugar Busters, and the South Beach diet are all over the news and media. Many individuals are experiencing a great deal of weight loss in a relatively short period of time. It is important to consult with your physician before beginning any weight loss program. If possible bring an outline of your diet, so that they can weight the risks and benefits associated with such a plan. Once you have the ok from your doctor, you can begin to stock up on low carb recipes and start losing weight!

Low carb diets all have the same premises. Carbohydrates or "carbs" are present in many foods. This includes bread, pasta, potatoes, vegetables, and sugar based products. You can refer to the nutritional information present on the back of food packaging to find out how many carbs are in each serving. Ready made meals are often available at your grocery store or specialty food store. These can be rather expensive however, so you may be in the market to create your own low carb recipes.

Your first stop should be your search engine. Do a search for low carb recipes. You will no doubt come up with a variety of different low carb recipe sites. Many of them will specialize in one particular area such as:

· Low carb desserts

· Low carb cheesecakes

· Low carb cookies

· Low carb muffins

· Low carb chili

· Low carb chicken dishes

· Low carb breads

· Low carb breakfast foods

· And many more

Many sites will ask you to purchase their cookbook or pay a monthly fee for access to their low carb recipes. Many of these sites offer free recipes, so look around for the best option. Once you get used to some of these low carb recipes, you may find yourself beginning to create your own dishes.

  • Low Carb Recipes - offering a large collection of low carbohydrate diet recipes and ideas for snacks, dinner, and desserts.
  • BBC Food Recipes - offers information about food with a recipe database, healthy eating tips, global cuisine, and information on BBC food programmes and chefs.
  • Berks County PA Recipes
  • Bert Christensen's Weird and Different Recipes - featuring delectables such as kitty litter cake, curried kangaroo tail, moose sukiyaki, french fried skunk, seal brain fritters, and spider salad.
  • Better Homes and Gardens: Recipe Center - online cookbook offering recipes from editors, users, and sponsors.
  • Betty Crocker - don't know what to make? Enter the ingredients you've got at home and find a recipe. Also includes menu suggestions and drink ideas. Cookies and brownies available for shipping.
  • Bon Appétit: RSVP - favorite restaurant chef's recipes, as requested by readers.
  • Café Creosote - recipes with nutritional information and pictures, a dictionary of cooking terms, information on California farmer's markets and reviews of cooking magazines and books.
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