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Quality office supplies are what keep an office up and running. A company cannot function without ample supplies of paper, pens, paper clips, ink, etc. So it is very important that you choose your office supplies wisely.

Depending on your office setup you will need a variety of different things. To begin you will need: office furniture, computers, printers, ink, paper, pens, and paper clips. If you run a medical office for instance, you may want to consult a medical office supply company for industry specific office supplies. Certain forms and documents may be available to you for use, as well as file folders to help with filing. If you have a home office, there is a wealth of home office suppliers available online. These shops are tailored towards smaller purchases such as single reams of paper, or individual packages of paper supplies.

If you are taking over the purchasing decisions for your company, research who they have used in the past. Ask co-workers questions and find out if they are satisfied with their office supply vendor. You may be able to find cheaper office supplies elsewhere, so don't stay with the same vendor if you feel that their prices are unjust. Consult major office supply stores such as: Staples, Office Max, Reliable Office Supplies, Quill Office Supplies, and others. They will help you determine baseline prices for various office supplies. You may be able to find discount office supplies online. These are often supplies bought from office supply stores going out of business. You can usually find deep discounts and free shipping with many vendors. For large businesses, wholesale office supplies are a great option. You can receive discounts on items that you would purchase anyways. Some companies may offer rebate programs where you get a certain amount back after every quarter.

Once you have settled on an office vendor, don't feel like you are stuck with them. If they are unable to provide you with good prices or if their customer service isn't where it should be- find another vendor. There is a huge amount of office supply stores out there, and you should not have to settle.

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