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Popcorn is one of the world's favorite snacks. And guess what? Most of the popcorn in the world is grown right here in the good old U.S.A. In 2001 alone, the U.S. exported 229 million pounds of popcorn!

Popcorn is a source of fiber, also known as roughage. Popcorn is low in calories: 31 - 55 per cup of unbuttered, 133 calories lightly buttered.

Popcorn is sugar free and fat free, yet has energy-producing carbohydrates. It's great for between meal snacks as it does not overfill you or spoil your appetite. And did you know that there are dozens of ways to make popcorn other than just plain popped?

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Learn Some Ways Coffee Is Made
And What Are Some Very Popular Types Of Coffee

What are some of the most popular brewing methods?
One way is the drip filter method. There are many different kinds of drip filters: one would be the automatic electric coffee maker with pointed or flat-bottomed filters. Some people with drip filter coffee makers have found they can taste a paper taste from the filter, so they use reusable metal filters.

Another way is the vacuum which is when water is brought to a boil in the lower of two glass globes. Steam forces the hot water into the upper globe through a glass tube where there are coffee grounds. After steeping for a few minutes, the pot is removed from heat, as the temperature drops in the bottom globe a vacuum forms, the coffee is then sucked back into the lower globe through a screen, the lower globe is removable to pour.

The third method is the cold water method where you mix coffee and water in a glass and let soak for 12 to 24 hours according to what strength you would like. Use cheesecloth to line a funnel and set the funnel inside a glass jar. Pour coffee and water mixture through the funnel. Let it drain completely. Cover the mixture and refrigerate. To make a cup of coffee, put boiling water into a cup and stir in 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons of the mixture.

What are some most popular types of coffee?

Hawaii, best known for Kona coffee (which is grown on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano), is home to several growing regions and bean types including Kauai, Maui Kaanapali, Moloka'i, and Oahu. Kauai is the largest growing region in Hawaii and is where the first coffee plantation in the state was started in 1863.

The most well known coffee from Jamaica would have to be the Blue Mountain coffee, loved for the great aroma and flavor.

The best Java coffee is grown on the far eastern end of the island on five estates established by the Dutch government. " Blue Java " coffees , processed by the so-called "washed" method (wet), have a deep blue-green color. Blue Java coffee has hints of smoky bittersweet chocolate.

Kenya produces a top quality medium-bodied coffee that is very popular in Europe. Kenyan coffees are generally very mellow and often have a citrus taste. Another delicious coffee from Kenya comes from the Chagga tribe, they grow it on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

New Guinea
New Guinea coffee comes from Papua New Guinea, where cultivation started in 1937 with seeds imported from Jamaica's Blue Mountain region. It's grown in the valleys of the western highlands in the area around Mt. Hagen. The rich soil and good climate combine to produce a mild and mellow coffee which many consider one of the world's best. New Guinea coffee is often used in blends.

Arabian mocha coffees, grown in Yemen, have a pungent, full-bodied flavor and a complex aroma. This type of coffee tastes good either straight or blended (often with Java coffees). This type of coffee is generally grown organically in remote areas, which may account for its wonderful taste.

Brail is the world's largest producer of coffee beans. The arabica beans from here are great for blending, one most worth mentioning is the Brazilian Bourbon Santos.

You guessed it-one of the world's favorites! Colombia's arabica coffees, produced in vast quantities, are full-bodied with a well-balanced flavor. Colombian coffees, generally not as acidic as many other coffees, have a full body and sweet flavor.

Costa Rican
Generally speaking , the best Costa Rican coffees are grown in the Tres Rios region of the country. Costa Rican coffees are full-bodied with excellent acidity, and have a hint of smokiness.

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