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When many people think of summer, they think of swimming, outside pool parties, and the wonderful summer drinks, which quench their thirst and provide refreshment with nature's fruitful beverages.
Many summer drinks provide the coolness and refreshment so vital to summer activity. Some of the best-known summer drinks are alcoholic beverages- cocktails, while there are also plenty of summer drinks suitable for children and their summer fun and parties as well.
Some of the best-loved summer drinks for adults (alcoholic cocktails) include,

· Sex on the Beach- a combination of Vodka, Schnapps, and Citrus Fruit

· Froot Loop- Apple Brandy, Cherry Brandy, Vodka, and splash of Orange Juice served over ice

· Martini-

· Frozen Daiquiri

· Margarita- Tequila, Lime Juice,

· Tom Collins- lemon juice, gin, club soda, and sugar syrup

· Sangria a bottle of dry red or white wine, mixed with orange, sugar, and club soda

· Mojito- originally from Cuba, rum, splash of soda, some simple syrup, and plenty of ice

· Peppermint Pattie- a combination of Peppermint Schnapps, Kahlua, Vodka, and Dark Crème de Cacao

· Mint Julep- Bourbon, simple syrup, mint

· Colorado Minty Dog- Kahlua, Peppermint Schnapps, Cola, Cream

· Pina Colada- a blend of Puerto Rican rum and Pineapple Juice

· Tequila Sunrise- tequila, lime, grenadine, and crème de cassis

· Sea Breeze-a blend of Vodka, Cranberry Juice, and Grapefruit Juice

· Coconut Milk Horchata- an original from Puerto Rico- white rice, coconut milk, cinnamon, sugar, and Puerto Rican Rum

· Jello Shots- featured on Mad Tv: Jello prepared with Vodka instead of water (not for kids!)

As with all forms of alcoholic beverages, be sure whenever drinking to drink responsibly. Summer drinks are a perfect way to enjoy an evening with friends. But accidents do happen and if people drink too much, an accident is in the foreseeable future. Remember as with all things, drink responsibly and in moderation.

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