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Many athletes prefer to drink a sports energy drink to replenish electrolytes and fluid lost during athletic performance. A typical sports energy drink will restore the body's balance and prevent dehydration. Most physicians recommend that an athlete consider a sports energy drink as part of their training regime. There are various brands and flavors on the market today, making a sports energy drink not only a healthy choice but also a delicious treat.
Sometimes a sports energy drink is referred to as a recovery drink or a rehydration drink. Many athletes also choose to eat a "power bar" for the same purpose, restoring minerals, electrolytes, and protein burned during periods of athletic performance.
The body is like a car and it needs the proper fuel to function at its optimum level. Like a car racing on the Indy 500, the body pushed to extreme limits during exercise is utilizing all of the body's resources in a very short amount of time. It is imperative that one takes proper care of their body and restores those needed fuels before participating in another athletic performance.
Tragedies have occurred when athletes did not stop, and refuel the necessary fluids and electrolytes and kept pushing themselves to the extreme limits. In the most unfortunate circumstances, even death has occurred.
The very first sports energy drink was called Lucozade. It was manufactured in 1927 and contained glucose syrup and caffeine. Lucozade was created in England and though it has gone through many changes, it is still on the market today.
The first American sports energy drink was Gatorade. Created in 1966 by Dr. James Cade. He invented the sports drink to help replenish the fluids lost by athletes during their performances. He was a faculty member of the University of Florida, and when he became successful with his product, the University sued him for a piece of the action. Eventually they reached a settlement agreement, and as they say, "The rest is history."

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