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Recovery drinks differ from sports drinks in the fact that most sports drinks contain carbohydrates and electrolytes (with some other minerals and nutrients). Recovery drinks however provide carbohydrates and protein and have been shown to help the body "recover" after periods of exercise.
Some recovery drinks on the market today include Endurox and Accelerade.
The Endurox R4 Recovery drinks also contain the Amino Acids glutamine, arginine, and also ciwuja. This product extends the endurance level of an athlete by fifty five percent. It also decreases the risk of potential muscle damage (that can occur after athletic training) by thirty eight percent. It comes in a variety of flavors and costs fewer than fifty dollars.
Recovery drinks have also been known to fight free radical build up. Whenever exercising, it is vitally important to replace the nutrients, as well as carbohydrates and protein that have been utilized during aerobic and muscle training activity.
Recovery drinks are more effective and are better suited than sports energy drinks to do just that. Many of the same ingredients and chemical makeup that goes into recovery drinks are also found in milk. Many physical trainers will recommend that if you don't have access to a commercial recovery drink, to at least drink a glass of milk after a work out. Milk also contains many amino acids, the building blocks of the body.
Scientists discovered that a certain ratio of carbohydrates to protein, 4:1 would increase the body's ability to produce insulin, and encourage the regeneration of muscle tissue after strenuous exercise. This is the very premise behind the science used to create recovery drinks. If you purchase a commercially prepared recovery drink usually in the form of a powder, you may also experience additional benefits. Many recovery drinks also add herbs to their formulas. These herbs give the body an additional boost of recovering power.

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