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More about Popcorn!

A great song and theme to use for working with preschoolers and early education is The Popcorn Song. There have been many different forms of the Popcorn Song used by educational professionals alike. One song that has been playing for recent generations is The Popcorn Song by Barney and friends. Basically, this song is about popcorn and that it is a "neat treat". A daycare provider could use this song while doing an arts and crafts activity such as making popcorn necklaces, or making popcorn collages, or painting with popcorn.
To make popcorn necklaces, first play The Popcorn Song, while providing students with pre popped popcorn, a safety yarn needle and yarn. Some children may need assistance before they get the hang of threading the popcorn. Make sure to use plastic yarn needles and not the sharp metal pointed kind.
To create Popcorn Collages, simply provide pre popped popcorn, various colored glue (this can be purchased through craft supply stores-Elmer's makes very bright colored glue) or you can premix your own by simply adding food coloring to ordinary white glue. Let children decorate their pictures and glue on popcorn pieces in the collage pattern they desire.
For Popcorn Paintings, let the children break or carefully cut their popcorn pieces into various shapes, then use them instead of paintbrushes to paint with. Remember, to keep your favorite Popcorn Song playing throughout the various activities.
One of the best activities that you can do with children to the soundtrack of the Popcorn Song of your choice is to let the children "pop" with the music. One idea is to map out a large circular area and let the children imagine that they are small kernels of popcorn. Quietly resting, they are waiting to pop! As the music begins to pick up, and if the song has an appropriate "pop", the children can be encouraged to "feel themselves getting bigger and bigger" until they pop. Slowly, they can stretch out their arms and legs, until they at last, leap up into the air with a full-blown pop.

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