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The Coffee Plant has been grown for thousands of years. It is believed that the coffee plant originated in Ethiopia and then was transported to Arabia. From Arabia, it is believed that the coffee plant was introduced to Turkey. From Turkey the coffee plant made its grand debut in Europe, where the Pope blessed it.
Later, the coffee plant was brought to North and South America.
The Arabica tree is the most common tree associated with the coffee bean. This tree grows wild in Ethiopia. Coffee is also the world's second most traded commodity.
The coffee plant itself is known as "coffea" this is its scientific name. There are more than sixty species of wild coffee plants that grow naturally, but they are not cultivated for commercial profit. Of all of the coffee plants there are only ten varieties that are harvested for the coffee bean. The coffee plant is related to the Gardenia, this may explain why when the coffee plant is in full bloom, it produces deliciously fragrant white blossoms.
The flower blossoms later reveal a fruit that resembles a cherry. It is inside this cherry like fruit where the coffee bean is actually located. As mentioned before, the Arabica tree is one of the primary coffee plants used for harvesting the coffee bean. There is another tree that is harvested, and that is the Robusta tree. IF the Arabica tree won't survive in a particular climate, the Robusta tree usually will. The Robusta tree is harvested in areas of Asia.
Coffee plants favor warm climates with temperatures ranging from 15 - 25 degrees Celsius. They also prefer climates that are wet and rainy. They grow best in rocky, hilly soil, such as soil that is volcanic or on mountainsides. Shade is a more suitable environment for coffee trees then full sun. Most organic methods of coffee growing prefers shade grown coffee rather than full sun. By encouraging shade growth, the coffee plant will produce fruit at a much younger year as well.
Ever wonder how coffee was discovered or how it became so popular? Now you can! Come learn the history of coffee and amaze your friends and family with how much knowledge on this popular morning beverage you will learn!

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