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Coffee houses have been a cultural experience for over five hundred centuries. It may seem hard to believe, but yes, coffee houses have been in existence for that long. The earliest known coffee houses originated in Persia (currently Iran) during the 1500's. Like the coffee houses of today, the earliest coffee houses were sanctuaries for discussions on politics, arts, and a place for friends to gather and exchange discourse and philosophies over their preferred cup of brew and light snacks.
As coffee began to spread from country to country; so did coffee houses spread globally. Like the coffee houses of Iran, the coffee houses became cultural breeding grounds wherever they were established.
This is no more evident than the conversations that took place during the 1700's in London bred coffee houses. Many political discussions took place in coffee houses, and like her Mother England, early America found political revolution through the socialization found in coffee houses.
Not only are coffee houses famous for birthing the political discussions that led to the American Revolution, but also famous auctions such as Sotheby's and Christies had their start in coffee houses.
As many people immigrated to the United States, they brought with them their cultural experiences and traditions. As they grew prosperous many of the coffee houses were birthed on American soil. The most influential cultures to lend their flavor were the Italian and French. In fact, it is from the French word for coffee that we have derived our modern "café".
Many coffee houses serve food and alcohol. Though today, the coffee house is still a forum for political and societal change. This can be evidenced by most of the music that has found its origin on the stage of a coffee house.
As long as there is the combination of coffee, conversation, and society, there will be coffee houses.

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