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A coffee gift basket is a wonderful gift for just about any occasion. You can present a coffee gift basket to a new mother, for a birthday or anniversary present to someone special in your life. Also, a coffee gift basket is a perfect gift for a special business party such as the Christmas gets together, or for that wonderful supervisor in your life.

You can make your own coffee gift basket, or purchase one through a gift basket store. If you don't know of any local gift basket businesses, you can always browse the Internet and find a coffee gift basket that will meet your needs.

If you would like to make your own coffee gift basket, you don't need to be a pro or even have a strong creative flair. Your first choice will be to decide what you will use for your basket. You don't have to stick to traditional baskets here either. Anything that is large enough to hold your gift items will be adequate. Some ideas for baskets include, large flowerpots, assorted boxes, picnic baskets, hatboxes, wood crates, and tins.

Your next step will be to develop a theme for your gift basket. You can develop your theme based on the flavor of the coffee you prefer to give, or base the theme on the nature of the occasion for the gift basket. For instance, if you are giving a Christmas coffee gift basket you can coordinate your theme around the colors red, green, and white, adding gold and silver as accents. Or, if you prefer, you can center your theme on a flavor such as Macadamia Nut, Hazelnut, French Vanilla, or Chocolate. When centering your coffee gift basket on a theme, you can add cookies, pastries, even gourmet candy.

A wonderful addition to your pinic gift basket includes beautiful coffee cups and saucers. Coffee mugs are usually reserved for casual use, while coffee cups and saucers are for more elegant and formal dining. The theme you choose for your coffee gift basket will determine if you prefer coffee mugs to coffee cups and saucers.

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