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With the advancement of computer technology in the workplace, many employees like to play Internet or computer based coffee break games. If you are one of the fortunate ones, whose employer hasn't blocked access to gaming sites, you may find the perfect coffee break games on sites such as yahoo and AOL. For many though, games that come with standard computer operating systems such as Solitaire, Pinball, Minesweep, or Hearts will suffice. Coffee break games may prove addicting and some employees have a hard time getting back to work when the break is over. Though it would seem that many people would prefer to unwind from tedious and strenuous computer work by leaving the computer all together, which is simply not the case. Many computer workers tend to play coffee break games as a method to unwind.
There are many free downloads available for coffee break games. You can easily access these games by searching on Google or Yahoo. Just type in the keywords, "coffee break games" and you will find a plethora of games suitable for downloading.
Some of the games available include computer version of the old arcade video games. Many people prefer these games, such as Space Invaders, Pac Man, and Ms. Pac Man, Tetris, and Asteroids.
Computer games have evolved tremendously over the past twenty years, and there are now games of every type imaginable. There are still classic games that will continue to be a popular choice. Games such as crossword puzzles, pinball, checkers, and chess will never go out of style.
For those who love computer graphics and animations, there are amazing role-playing games that let you take on the form of a character equipped with animated facial expressions and voice capabilities. No matter what game style you prefer, be sure that your computer has the needed capacity to play the game with all of its enhancements.

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