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When you get up in the morning, what’s the first thing you do? Well, in reality, it could be anything; but on T.V.: it’s always getting the coffee steaming. And what’s the last thing you eat at night? Munch on popcorn with family or friends with a chick flick acting out on screen. True, each night you don’t watch a movie, but the fact remains.

Coffee is known worldwide for its rep as caffeine-loaded with whipped cream and cinnamon on top. You might have your specialized, state-of-the-art coffee maker with your personal coffee flavor made only with gourmet coffee beans imported from who-knows-where. Or you might just pass by your local coffee house on the way to work, whichever tickles your fancy.

Whether you’re a hot-shot caffeine fanatic, or a timid mostly-milk conservative, everyone can enjoy a hot cup every now and then. And it doesn’t have to end there either. Coffee is only one slim branch of the tree. There are the well-known lattes, espressos, mochas, cappuccinos, and such, which naturally leads to more detailed drinks like the French Kiss, Chocolate Orange, or the Spanish Queimada. Then there’s the edible—not that the others aren’t edible, they’re just more drinkable—chow with the flavor we all love but not necessarily with the caffeine, like coffee cakes.

Alright, the T.V. morning has passed. The day is typically soap opera-ish with plenty of surprise pregnancies, murders, kidnappings, and ‘I’m your real father’. Then the evening comes with the movie. And naturally, the butter-coated popcorn.

Much like coffee, popcorn has been a global favorite for decades, and once again like coffee, it’s developed into much more than expanded seeds. Most kids get their first real memory of popcorn in pre-school, with the popcorn song and dance. The song is mostly repetitive and easily learnt. The dance can be taught in either pre-school or high school, and it involves hopping up and down and doing a few hand gestures every now and then. It’s mostly hopping though, that’s why the high school kids like it.

Popcorn has accessories now too—there’s popcorn oil, popcorn bowls, and packets of flavorings if you think butter is too fatty for your diet.

Now imagine Shrek and Fiona running off into the distance happily ever after. The movie ends, the popcorn has disappeared, and everyone is fighting for sleeping space on the couch. Good food and drink will do that to you. The phrase ‘eat and be merry’ comes to mind.





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